How to host and decide the best money manager for your financial and retirement needs. Sometimes one just needs a laid back financial manager who will use insights and advances in fin-tech or financial technology software products to provide the best outcomes for their customers when it comes to planning their financial futures or retirement. We have however seen how illiterate most of the population is when it comes to financial matters. There are some companies working hard to reverse this trend. Many of these company employ learning management system technology to be able to distribute and track financial literacy education and comprehension. Because the market can be saturated with unsavory characters looking to make a quick buck, I suppose it is important for every customer to do their own independent research before settling on the financial manager one can be comfortable with to provide the kinds of services which have the client's interest at heart. 

Personally I think financial education should be a right for all citizens, American or otherwise. Having the ability to decide one's financial future is a bed rock of any civilized society and citizens should be empowered to make these decisions themselves. Which gets me to my point about finding the right partner for this. We can either rely on technology or people or a combination of both. The right approach I think is somewhere in the middle.

Starting with software or technology. Evaluating financial or accounting software to use for one's private use or business needs can be daunting as the offers are many and varied. Start with financial software review sites and then consider asking trusted colleagues about what tools they use. Then consider also financial education. Many online education systems have training courses for students, employees and other partners which aim to fill the gap in financial education. I think it is worth checking our training management systems geared towards providing the kind of financial, investment or consulting education that most people can use. How to select mutual funds or how to invest in EFT's can be simple but complex undertakings, needing the wisdom of both the crowds and technology or software to work well.